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Dry Lab Impulse - Webinar Series
By After iGEM Academia & Research Committee

The Webinar series will focus on topics related to Modeling and Software. iGEM teams who have been nominated for or awarded prizes like Best Software Tool and Best Model will give a brief Tutorial on their work - and walk us through its development, technical aspects and applicability.


1) August 6: Team Calgary 2019 - iGAM Software for evaluating protein modifications

iGAM (International Genetic Algorithm Machine) Software allows iGEM teams to generate their own genetic algorithms to make informed decisions on the modification of their proteins.

2) August 13: Team TecCEM 2018 - BioBrick Builder Software

BioBrick Builder - a tool that simplifies the design of standardized BioBrick parts.

3) August 20: Team IISER Kolkata 2019 - Modeling phagocytosis dynamics, tuning genetic circuit & simulation of macrophage behaviour upon GMO introduction

Aspects of Math model: Phagocytocis dynamics, tuning the genetic circuit and macrophage behavior simulation in presence of an iron regulatory system

4) August 27: Team ULaval 2019 - Designing Toehold Riboswitches

Model for secondary structure of riboswitches

5) September 10: Team Sydney Australia 2019 - Codonator 3000: A web-based tool for generation of codon harmonised sequences

Codonator 3000 - A web-based tool to generate codon harmonised sequences for any given input coding sequence.

6) September 17: Team GO Paris-Saclay 2019 - Model for DNA-less cell fate

Mathematical model to describe DNA-free bacterial cells

7) September 24: Team Paris-Bettencourt 2018 - Software for AMP design and optimization, AMP efficiency prediction

AI based software for design and optimization of fusion AMPs; Model for AMP efficiency prediction and In-silico AMP design
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